Does Hugegenic Work ?



Hugegenic Male Enhancement Supplement is one of the latest pills out there that are claiming they can increase your erection size and make you a better lover? but is this true ? does this pill really work ?

read on and find out if this pill is worth your hard earned money!

Hugegenic Claims:

  • Feel Bigger
  • Get Harder & have erections on demand
  • Last Longer and enjoy more intense orgasms
  • become a better lover

these claims are backed up by their own studies and testimonials that you can find on their website ( that blonde is pretty sexy actually . lucky boyfriend ) also check my review a little lower on this site

checkout these facts :
people with bigger penises have more sex! so what do you need if you’d like to have more sex  with your wife, gf or even different partners) right. a bigger & harder penis! Hugegenic can help you become the lover your sex partner always wanted you to be

hugenic facts

hugenic facts

what are the HugeGenic Ingredients ?

  • L Arginine
  • Yohimbe
  • Maca
  • L-Lysine
  • Ginseng

Hugegenic Review :

i’m 39 so still in good age but i had some issues . sometimes i just wasn’t in the mood ( if youd ask me 20 years ago if i would ever say no to sex i’d say you’re crazy! ) but that’s how it is. me & my wife enjoyed a ok sex life ( around once a week ) so i figured try hugegenic . i mean what would i have to lose they even offer a  money back guarantee if you’re not happy .

when i ordered my bottle it arrived at my place within 4 days ( Kansas ) so if you’re living in the states it should be with you within a week. if you are living abroad you can expect it within 2 weeks top. they also provide faster shipping but its not free !

so did it work ? after taking my first doses i noticed that i am getting my erections faster and they also felt stronger again. the biggest effect on me was that i was horny all the time and since i was able to deliver what my wife wanted she couldn’t get enough of me either. i felt like we were in our 20s again!  i would def check with your doctor if you want to try it as with every stimulant there could be some side effects if you have a heart disease or high blood pressure!

im still using it and after my initial 1 bottle order i got me a 6 bottle order for the second time. that should last me about a year so it comes down to around 10 bucks/ month. much cheaper than any prescription drugs our doctors always recommend!

Hugegenic comparison compared to other competing products :

hugegenic comparison

hugegenic comparison

where can i order Hugegenic?
Hugegenic is only available online on their official site they ship worldwide though so if youre outside of the US and canada you can still get this product ( most male enhancement supplements are only available in north america)

how much does hugegenic cost?
1 bottle of hugegenic for $39.95 , 3 bottles for $99.95 and 6 bottles for $139.95

depening on your sexual activity your bottle should last you between 1 and 2 months ( if you have sex daily id stock up and get the 6 bottles right away )

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